Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Rock the House

When are indebted

And we should give credit

To the ones who bring music

Into our minds and lives.

His bass brings the big sounds

Some deep and soulful

Into our rooms, with elegant booms

She bumps  her trumpet

with highs and lows

she makes her music

and she rocks the house.

A piano  and a guitar 

join together with them 

as a beautiful woma

sings songs that move hearts.

They play songs we remember

Songs that last in our memories

She sings her songs about lovers

And they rock the house.

O those are songs 

Straight from our past

Songs that take us

To good days and bad.

Music moves us in many ways

Music takes all  of us 

To the good old days

Day when we all were young

And searching for love

Music takes us to nights

Filled with passion and fire

And we rembember

Our nights with our lovers.

O yes and they rock the house

They play the music

Of broken hearts

They play the songs of memories

And every song makes our hearts ache

You see we are yearning 

For the days when we were young

And our nights were very warm

And our time with her or him

Is captured in love songs 

We'll never forget any of them

Yes they rock the house again.  




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