Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Visit Mars

 Some people say that they have seen UFOs
Some say they've been abducted by Martians
But the government says, "That can't happen."
But if that's true why so many explanations?
Why try to explain why nothing happened?
Is it arrogant to say"There are no other intelligent beings.?"

I discovered that one celled organisms work together 
Scientists have discovered that they communicate
One celled organisms are smart enough
To adapt to pills meant to kill all of them.
Bacteria even have sex with viruses 
So that pharmaceutical communities
Have to create stronger pills to kill them
They adapt and become immune to new medicines

Scientists finally have agreed
That life can exist in the hostile environment
Of the planet we call Mars.
I wonder why if intelligent beings
Can live in Mars, and make Space Ships
Space ships that are better than anything
We have created, and come here for visits

I wonder if one day we will visit Mars
Or if one day Martians will take us to their homes
I wonder if in the future our children
Will take their vacations in Mars
I wonder what would happen
Would we really forbid
People from Earth to marry people from Mars
And all because they have green skin and antena's

Imagine a green earth baby from a mixed couple
Or a flesh colored Martian baby 
Would prejudice and bigotry
Oppose mixed marriages with Martians 
Would people violently hurt them and hang them
Or would we learn to love and accept them
Would we find a way to live in peace with Martians

Perhaps that's why Martians 
Choose to meet only a few of us
Perhaps they see our hostile violent world
With so many wars and O so much killing
As a world that in their Martian opinion
Is not yet fit to live in
Perhaps they see us as primitive beings
That are not intelligent enough to live in peace. 

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