Sunday, October 21, 2012

Red, White and Blues

It finally happened and all because of apathy
Only 30% of the people of a free country 
Are willing to go to the poles and vote
So the Red, White and Blues Bird
The regal and magnificent American Eagle
The elegant symbol of our freedom
Finally began falling

The RED is the blood of all those who died
Of all those who left their lives on battle fields
Their was the price paid for our freedom
But some how so many thought that freedom
The very freedom they have 
Didn't cost anything
That they didn't need to do anything 
They did absolutely nothing
To see that we all would always be FREE

Why do so many people refuse to be grateful
For our FREEDOM that we all enjoy so much
O can't they see? The Eagle is falling.
The eagle is falling because of their apathy 
Can't they see that freedom is COSTLY?
Don't they know what will happen 
If they don't get involved and speak up?
It's time for all of them to wake up

Every VOTE matters, every Voice must be heard
Together we can love our country 
We can all stand up and be counted
We can work to keep our nation free
O SAY can't you SEE,  the Eagle is falling?
We need all of us to vote
To choose and support canidates
Men and women who will determmine
The fate of our nation and freedom 

O please help the American Eagle to keep flying
Keep soaring in the blue skies above us
Keep riding the thermals of freedom
O please help the American eagle keep flying
Let's all be a part of keeping us free

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