Saturday, November 3, 2012


     Some days we feel like our heads will explode... BOOM!!!
No this is not a poem. It's a for real blog article. Stress is
everywhere in everything that we do. Of course you could
say RELAX, but you are too worried and upset about it.
     Of course you could let go, but you are hanging on for
your dear life. You feel like you are about to fall, and that
would hurt a lot. 
     Stress can be helpful; it can motivate us and we do need
that, But too much stress may damage our health and too
much stress can rob us of our peace of mind. Too much
stress can also be the death of us,
     What I do is sit quietly and patiently, after I have emptied
myself of me, of all of the junk and other stuff that causes me
stress and worry. Gradually peace comes accompanied by the
wisdom I need to deal with my stress, to deal with any 
of the problems.
     You see after we have done our best, we reason that we
can't control everything, nor do we know in advance what 
is going to happen. But a positive attitude is very helpful.
   Most things work out, so why worry. Life will find a way
and we will move on to better thing. 

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