Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Is Love? 

When I saw her something happened

She became my whole world

Nothing else mattered to me 

She was my whole world

She was everything in  my life

Love is not about sex or what a man can get

Love  is about being and kind and meeting her needs

Love is selfless and unselfish and putting her first

That is the love that I have for her, the lasting forever love

That is the best and most intimate love of all and built on trust

Real love has nothing to do with lust, not  about that at all

Real love  doesn't make women sen toys and objects to be used

Real love is not about sex on demand, and she is respected as a woman

Real love is all about the joy of being with her, being close to her

Real love is listening to her, and getting to know all about her

When I kiss her sweet lips, every fiber of my being lights up

When she kisses me my heart beats faster and faster

Her beauty never changes in my eyes, not even after many years

She grows for beautiful every day, and my eyes delight in seeing her

Most of all, real love is forever, and I can't live without her

Real  men believe in real love and are real soul mates