Monday, October 26, 2009

Get the Picture

Get the Picture

My granddaughter Zoe celebrated her first birthday recently and she had two parties. I took pictures and gave her parents a scrapbook filled with lots of pictures after each party. Each of the two scrapbooks is a little different, but both of them are filled with memories.

One day Zoe will grow up and begin a life of her own and her parents will open scrapbooks and remember her journey. After my own children grew up, I realized how valuable and wonderful those pictures were. I put them together in those white cardboard clear plastic frames, on colorful scrapbook paper and hung them on the walls of our living room. With a turn of my head, I traveled back through time to moments in the lives of our children.

My wife, Sharon took most of those pictures, but our parents gave us pictures to travel back into our childhood. Now, I seem to have taken on that role. Perhaps that is because my children gave me a digital camera. Photographs need dates and names for those who will receive them after we die. Someday our journeys will be memories for our children to share.

You, too can give that gift to your children. It is worth the time and effort, and your gift of photos will be treasures. Share your journeys in scrapbooks, and make enough for all of your children.