Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Reading A Face

With Many Thoughts

I wonder if people can look at our faces

And see what our brains are thinking about

What would our faces look like 

If all of our thoughts

Became pictures on our faces?

What would others discover if they saw our faces?

Some people say that all of us wear masks on our faces

But I wonder if those masks can hide every emotion

I wonder if all of those masks are good at lying

Others say that our faces betray us and tell everything

Some say that who we are eventually becomes obvious

As for me I am maskless and transparent

My face is very honest about who I am

Of course we can't see faces when talking on a phone

But then the tone of our voices, and the inflections

Often say a lot about what we all are thinking

If you talk on Skype you are a video image 

I wonder if that makes what we say more honest

But when we are there in person we hear hearts

Our hearts are always beating, and they say many things

It seems to me that we are all reading faces 

with O so many thoughts, and many of them

Many of our thoughts are painted on our faces

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