Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Angry House

She lived in fear in a very angry house

She never felt safe, not even in her own room

She didn't understand why her daddy hit  her mom

Why did bad things happen to her when her dad came in?

As time went by she hatted her daddy for what he did?

Why did her daddy do those things to her in her bed?

She lived in fear in a very angry house

She was an unhappy only child

She listened to angry music that talked about killing

She listened to angry music and though about revenge

She knew where her daddy kept his gun

She went into her daddy's bedroom with a wicked grin

She pulled the trigger again and again

She kept shooting him even after he was dead.

She was happy not sad because she hated her dad

She was happy because she made it safe for her mom

She was happy to be safe and no longer afraid

Her daddy would no longer visit her at night

She no longer lived in an angry house, afraid

She left were her boy friend and ran away 


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