Wednesday, October 17, 2012


AND All Of The Hearts

So many hearts and all of the hearts

So many  hearts with ever-changing colors

And so many hearts with ever changing colors

Green hearts so innocent and ever so new

Blue hearts too sad and so very cold

Lilac hearts  so delicate and O so beautiful

Yellow hearts so warm and filled with bright joy

Purple hearts brave and wounded with scars

Red hearts so erotic; sexual passions of lovers

Bubble gum pink hearts, so young and so free

Orange hearts, like dancing flames, burning

Flesh colored hearts, human and so caring

Violet hearts like gems, imprisoned in settings

Dark purple hearts, much older and weary 

Lime colored hearts like acid and full of rage

And so many hearts and so many emotions 

So many colors for so many reasons

And all of the hearts and all of the hearts

So we all ask, "Which heart is mine and why?"

 And all of the hearts and all of the hearts

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