Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Butterfly Flower Man

Who  do you think you are?
Why do you smile on a gray skies day?
Can't you see the sun and the clouds are frowning?
Why are you so happy? The world is falling apart
You think the pink mountains in you way 
You think the pink mountains are opportunities
Why you think you can climb the pink mountains?
Don't you know you with fall off them and fail?
Why do reject my positive negativity?
Only an idiot would dream your dreams
You are stupidly positive and unwilling to give up 
Don't waste you time handing out flowers
Their fragrance is nice but they'll all die in winter

Butterflys follow me wherever I go 
And I am reborn like them with hope
Who do I think I am?
I'll tell you the truth.
I am who I am and different than you
I am O so glad that I'm not like you
I'll tell you the truth
I loving climbing pink mountains
I love dreaming my dreams
I love my life and I love to reach my goals
I tell you the truth
I will NEVER no EVER give up

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