Friday, October 26, 2012

The Gingerbread 



How can you find a gingerbread man?

There are no gingerbread men.

There are no gingerbread women.

The job of gingerbread person

can be done by either sex

so why insist on calling the position

the gingerbread man?    

A gingerbread man and

a gingerbread women 

both come from the same bowl

of brown sweet and spicy 

cookie dough.

Their eyes, nose, hair and mouth

are all made with colorful

gum drops    

and we can't see any of

their sexual parts.

But still some people feel

that some positions 

should be just for men.

As for me I see

all of the positions

as I also see gingerbread persons.  

I have now given all of you

my very best reasons. 

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