Saturday, October 27, 2012


Why Am I Me

You see, I am purple with envy 

I envy people with many friends

I envy them because their pretty and handsome

I envy them when I look in the mirror and see me

My face is a total disaster, most ugly and pathetic

I constantly wonder while people walk by me

While absolutely everyone dosen't stop and talk to me    

I wonder, O how I wonder, "Why am I me?"

I wrote a little not and left it on my school desk

I wrote, "Won't you please be my friend?"

"We could do lots of fun things together."

"We'd have fun at my house or your house."

"Please, O please I really need a friend."

My note was passed around by my classmates.

They pointed and all of them laughed at me.   

But the next day I wasn't there to laugh at

I wasn't there for all of their cruelty

I finally decided when I still had no friend

I put a brand new sharp razor blade in my hand

It wasn't all that hard to slit my two wrists

Suicide became the answer to my question

I had asked it again and again, "Why am I me?"   


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