Friday, October 26, 2012

Feels Like Home

When I've been away, there is nothing like home

I sit in my favorite red leather chair

Or I sit in front of my computer

 And fill one of my churchwarden pipes

with one of my favorite tobaccos.

I kiss and hug my wife and we talk
about everything that's happening 

in our lives and all that is new and interesting.

Of course I greet  my cat 

with orange and gray fur

she sits in my lap and purrs

while I pet her for awhile

Or my cat Malok sits  

in her green comfy chair

very near to my computer desk

and practices the art of sleeping

while I sit at my desk writing,

But she wakes up on occasion

and tells me to feed her

She stands and looks at me

until I get up and honor her request

and then Malok comes back 

and sleeps on her chair 

while I'm typing on my computer.

When morning arrives

My wife and I eat peanut butter

on toast with jelly and some yogurt

along with fresh brewed coffee

and we watch things on Net Flix. 

These are a few of mt daily rituals

that make it feel like home to me            

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