Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spirit, Reason and Passion

The three greatest powers within us
are spirit, reason, and passion.
As for me spirit is my connection
with God, my creator.
But if you don't believe that remember,
without a positive spirit we won't
move ahead and get anywhere.

Reason is the source of all are great
ideas and it helps us to make the
right choices. Reason gives us a
better view of things that is more

Passion gives us the inspiration and
the energy to begin our journeys
and it also help us to reach our
goals, and yes also to fall in love.

Together, spirit, reason and passion
help us to lead a balanced life,
to be the person that we were 
born to be.             

Monday, January 28, 2013

When Pigs Fly

Don't Bring Home

The Bacon

Once I wrote about 
"When Pigs Fly?"
But I have learned more
and I have opened my eyes.
It is more about our attitudes
than is is about our altitude.
When pigs fly it brings 
tears to our eyes.
Like the story of a one armed 
major league baseball pitcher
are lives are all richer
when we see him at work
pitching strike outs.

When pigs fly means
is when they say you
can't ever no never do it
it's time to get in the spirit.
It's not a grin and bear it.
It's a joy and a very real gift.
It's not about bringing home
the bacon and more than a
suggestion. It is really being
alive and O so willing to do
the hard things and make all
of your dreams come true for you.

You see when somebody
calls me a pig
I put on my wings
and YES I fly
for her or him.
And  YES then
I really do feel good
and O so happy again.

NO this is not SPAM
NO it is not about HAM
The three flying pigs
have shone each of us
our I AM.  
Don't be the Gal or Guy
who doesn't believe
that pigs can Fly.
Get out of your STY
and learn you too can FLY.         

Open Hearts

Three Friends

The friend in the middle 
drew the other two together
with him for a trio of friendship
that would never end.

He joined them together
in his heart.
He overcame their differences
with love and acceptance

Before he met them
they were aways fighting.
But he knew how to
bring them together in peace.

You see we may be different
on the outside of us,
but we are all the same 
in our hearts.

Our world needs many people
like the man you see in the middle.
People who can bring peace
by showing us we really aren't different. 

You see, on the inside is the true us
and once everyone see that
there is no reason to fuss.
There is finally truce peace.