Monday, December 24, 2012

May Peaceful Place

I want all of you to see my peaceful place,
a sanctuary I visit for peaceful walks
on a long path that always welcomes me.
Just a short walk from my house   
a beautiful river surrounded by evergrees
waits for me, where my soul is refreshed,
where I feel connected with every living thing.

I go there because it is quiet and beautiful.
I go there because as I experience nature
and walk the trail, I feel whole again and new.
I go there because my peaceful place
is my refuge from all of the storms of life. 
As I walk I empty myself of everything 
and as I walk I am filled with joy and peace.  

Full Moon

Idaho Sky

Full moon Idaho sky painted with colors at night.
Pinks and grays and silvers all gathered together.
Moments to capture so we all can remember the
awe and wonder we feel on Idaho evenings.
All of this happened just outside our windows.
Nature is a painter and the sky is its canvas.
How many artists can paint pictures like this?
It is apparent that nature has a vivid imagination.     
From moonlight to darkness we embrace this mystery.
We embrace this mystery in a full moon Idaho sky.

Snowy Memories

Two of my sons shoveling snow in Idaho
in front of our home, not so long ago.
Photos taken when they lived with us.
Photos taken of two of my three sons.
After clearing our driveway, time to play.
Together they sculptured the snow.
Together they made a snow statue  
and after that hot cocoa for those two.

They grew up to be two strong men
and then so soon they all left home.
They left home like my other son
and my daughter to begin new lives.   
Snow memories in two photos  
viewed again as a Christmas ritual.

December 24, 2012 and my wife is sick.
Our family gathering canceled
on this beautiful Idaho snowy day.
Just my wife and I at home in our house,
and no snowy memories will be made.
Maybe we will gather later this week.
Lots of presents waiting beneath
our family Christmas tree.   

Sunday, December 23, 2012


The Cave Barn 

and the Cave Grave

The barn that Jesus was born in was a cave.
Mary and Joseph, his mom and dad went to
Bethlehem because there was a population 
census and they had to be there for it.
It was spring, which meant it was warm,
though the night may have been a little cold.

They were in the barn because all of the
rooms in the inns were already filled.
I chose to draw a sea star, a living thing
because the sea symbolizes the womb 
of life and also because normal stars
don't look like the real stars in the sky.

The white figure on the left symbolizes
Jesus appearing after three days in a tomb.
The tomb was a cave and it belonged to 
a rich man, but it wasn't nicer than the
cave barn. It was just a cave and saved
for a dead person who was very wealthy.

The dove on the right side symbolizes 
the Holy Spirit which descended on
Jesus when John the Baptist baptized
Jesus when he was a grown man and
starting his three year journey. Jesus
shared the message that his father
gave to him as he connected with 
ordinary human beings.

The drawings of Mary and Joseph
and the baby Jesus are childlike 
and simple, not fancy or accurate
but perhaps appropriate for a 
humble beginning that began in 
a cave. Jesus life began in a cave
and in the end, a cave was his
resting place.      

People often argue about wh
Jesus was and why he came
and Yes also about what he said.
But there is no argument about 
when and where he was born
and laid to rest. It's what's
between those two events that
some people argue about.

But there is no doubt about the fact
that Jesus lived and his life  was
short just thirty three years. 
We also know he gave up his life.
refused to deny who he was and
where his message came from.
No man would choose to die
for nothing, for a lie.
His choice is all of the evidence
that I need.    

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dottie the Clown

Dottie the clown turned frowns
into smiles, and laughter and giggles.
Her facial was so many bright colors
in O so many different patterns.
She was down right silly
and she knew how to trip and fall
O so ungracefully with 
foolish folly
that delighted all as she did fall.

Her antics kept everyone in stitches
with laughter that was so contagious
and our bellies rumbled and shook
as more and more laughter
poured out.
Everything she did made us happy
and we stood up and applauded
Dottie the circus  clown  
who knew how to fall down
and wipe off our frowns
with laughter and smiles.

But we only saw the outside
of Dottie the clown
never noticed the pain
inside of her and
how sad she was.
Yes Dottie made us all happy
but on the inside she was so sad.
And the truth was that Dottie
the clown hardly ever laughed
actually never laughed at all.

Bare face and in civilian clothes
with out her grease paint and
red nose, all of her sadness showed
and a passer by told her that she
should go to the circus and see
Dottie the clown.
"O Dottie the clown will bring
down the house with laughter
that is O so Contagioud and
you just must go and see her.

But Dottie said nothing
to the passer by.
Tears of sadness filled
Dottie the clown's eyes
and YES Dottie would cry
all through the night.