Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seabird & Stormy Days

We stand at the helm in a mighty storm

Alone by ourselves in our tiny boat

Jade green waves rise O so high

We wonder as the waves fall on our boat

Who am I to stand again against the storm?


Big storms may harm us and they are scary

We wonder hope to cope with them on those days

Will thunder and lighting stop threatening me?

Should I be afraid of such a loud voice?

Fiery orange lightening, will it strike me


But something with in me, reminds me

I have been through many storms befiore

My the Seabird is very sturdy, won't break easily

My boat Seabird, is tough and it never has given up 

My boat the Seabird was built by my experiences

I realize that I am seaworthy

not built to live in a safe harbor 

My life is a great ocean of adventures

There be storms quite unexpected

But there be I, and I can handle them

Ah yes, let me not forget

Stormy days always make me stronger

So today I shout out loud

Waves, thunder, and lightening

Stormy black sky which surrounds me



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