Sunday, October 21, 2012


Surrounded By Friends


He was an odd man in the eyes of many
But he didn't give that a thought
He was surrounded by friends, each different
All of his friends were O so different than him
And he loved and accepted each of them
The odd man celebrated those differences

In his eyes each of his friends were treasures
He saw every bit of good in them 
He saw who they were with the eyes of his heart
His friends were, you see, a circle of love

His wonderful circle of friends  was like a garden
His circle of friends, a variety of flowers
His circle of friends was a beautiful bouquet
None of them afraid of hugs, and the word love

But the truth is many saw him as odd
They were suspicious when they saw the hugs
They couldn't bare to hear the word "Love"
They heard the word love  again and again

But the odd man and his friends were smiling
Each of their hearts beat happily 
And of course they danced the dance of life
All of them were free to be who they are


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