Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Poem For My Friend Grace

Curtis H. Stamey

Days and nights pass like rippling ocean waves/ touching the shore and retreating/ like heartbeats/ with a simple rhythm/ finding movements and capturing them and then setting them free to return in memories/ time chooses its pace/ sometimes proceeding and almost speeding/ sometimes slow and lazy/ relaxing in needed sleep till morning/ much is happening and giving life meaning/ even though where we are going is often a mystery/ each step we take forward requires courage and faith/ for we still deal with remnants of pain/ like curtains on a window pane/ sometimes pain keeps sunlight from coming inside of us/ some times remnants of pain don't bother us/ hope brings new imaginings/ hope gives us new wings/ and we learn to fly and ride the thermals/ but there are days we are grounded/ can't fly because of a broken wing/ that needs gentle healing/ a time of peace and resting/ but who we truly are we are becoming/ because we allow ourselves to be free/ and sing our new songs joyfully/ we find our path and e don't give up on our journey/ perhaps this is you and me/ two best friends/ who are sharing/ who are kind and gentle/ and caring