Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nobody Wins

O I wonder, how can killing each other
Bring the human family together 
And achieve a lasting peace.

O I wonder, if we really now the damage
caused by being on the killing fields;
the damages are mental and physical.
Some come home missing limbs.
Some come home in coffins.
Some come home with nightmare dreams
and they live them over and over again
and every night becomes a killing field.

It seems to be a paradox
You see some people think
that we need to go to war
we need to kill each other
in order to have peace

War has no favorites or garauntess
Innocent women and children
are killed maimed and homeless
But none of them are a danger
to any of us.

You see, no matter which side prevails
No matter which country has the victory
It is O so plain to see, nobody wins.
It's just a matter of time before
we will go to war again for the same reaons
for the preservation of our nations
But that trouble is that it doesn't work
It doesn't save the lives of thousands
Many thousands of friends and neighbors die  

I'm not saying anything about
the brave men and woman 
who stand the line against violence
I honor their sacrifices, many of them 
die for us.
What I am saying is it's time
to find a better way  to live in peace
without fear of our enemies.
In the end, you see, nobody wins.    


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