Sunday, October 21, 2012

Multi-Colored Unicorn

A multi-colored, with a very large gold horn

Surrounded was she by the colors she collected

Each color a star from a  far away planet

Far away planets in other universes

She was a time traveling unicorn

Some say she was magical

Others say she is factual , truly exists


One could say that she lived in a different realm

A place where unicorns and everything else

A place where all were happy and safe

A place where all creatures lived in peace

No wars, no violence, no greed or crime

No one had more than others 

Unicorns believe in sharing

Unicorns don't allow bigotry

They like everyone and accept them

Unicorns treasure all living things

Unicorns create unity and harmony

No one eats anybody else in their realm

Even the tigers and lions are vegetarions


There's a whole list of things 

That unicorns bring wherever the go

Love, Acceptance, peace and harmony

And lots and O so much kindness and caring


Maybe some don't believe in unicorns

Because they don't believe in

All of the wonderful things

That unicorns bring to us

Maybe that's why

Unicorns now live in a far away places



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