Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Rock the House

When are indebted

And we should give credit

To the ones who bring music

Into our minds and lives.

His bass brings the big sounds

Some deep and soulful

Into our rooms, with elegant booms

She bumps  her trumpet

with highs and lows

she makes her music

and she rocks the house.

A piano  and a guitar 

join together with them 

as a beautiful woma

sings songs that move hearts.

They play songs we remember

Songs that last in our memories

She sings her songs about lovers

And they rock the house.

O those are songs 

Straight from our past

Songs that take us

To good days and bad.

Music moves us in many ways

Music takes all  of us 

To the good old days

Day when we all were young

And searching for love

Music takes us to nights

Filled with passion and fire

And we rembember

Our nights with our lovers.

O yes and they rock the house

They play the music

Of broken hearts

They play the songs of memories

And every song makes our hearts ache

You see we are yearning 

For the days when we were young

And our nights were very warm

And our time with her or him

Is captured in love songs 

We'll never forget any of them

Yes they rock the house again.  




Monday, October 29, 2012

A Mouse and a Kitty

A mouse and a kitty

Were both from New York City

But he didn't eat her

Because they were friends forever

He brought her cheese

Left on the table after dinner

She loved to hear him purr

And she applauded his songs

He let her ride on his back

He defended her from cat attacks

She found the fleas on him

And she knew how to get rid of them

They both missed New York City

The mouse and the kitty

But they were friends forever

In their house in the country        

She's All That

He told her that he loved her

That they'd always be together

She was a sophomore 

and he was a junior

She thought he would love her

Forever and forever

So she became his lover

But one day he dumped 

For another sophomore girl

She cried all day and all night

She felt angry and betrayed

He was her first true love

But only for a few months

Then he moved on

And she was all alone



Starry Night

On a beautiful starry night

She turned her eyes to the skies

Some many times he was there

They were standing together

But then one night he died

And she no longer was  with him

His new residence was in the skies

And that brought tears to her eyes

Every night she wished

On the beautiful wishing star 

That soon she could be up there

That soon she could be with him

No other man, no not any of them

Could take the place of her lover

Could take the place of her soul mate

After O so many years together   

The Conductor

I have reached a decision

Not today in this fall season

To be a conductor, the boss

Or yes even the leader

We need a dream and a vision

About what we all should be doing

Our direction, our path

And yes our group's journey

He or she must look ahead

Must get our of bed early 

And know for sure where we

All fit in and what we are up to

You see, without a dream 

And yes a vision

We will walk around

Like headless chickens     

And find ourselves in

Difficult positions and drifting  

But some may rebel against

The conductor, boss or

The group's leader with a vision

But a group with out a leader

is  like a headless monster    

So lets all play 

Follow the Leader!!! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birds of a Feather

  Many people are still saying

That birds of a feather stick together

But I am not so sure anymore

People with many differences

and so unlike each other 

seem to have so much in common

It's all about being human

and celebrating our differences

So many who are so unlike us

eventually become very good friends.  

The lesson that we learn from this 

seems to defy the old myths

You see, we don't have to

have feathers to fly together. 

Nobody Wins

O I wonder, how can killing each other
Bring the human family together 
And achieve a lasting peace.

O I wonder, if we really now the damage
caused by being on the killing fields;
the damages are mental and physical.
Some come home missing limbs.
Some come home in coffins.
Some come home with nightmare dreams
and they live them over and over again
and every night becomes a killing field.

It seems to be a paradox
You see some people think
that we need to go to war
we need to kill each other
in order to have peace

War has no favorites or garauntess
Innocent women and children
are killed maimed and homeless
But none of them are a danger
to any of us.

You see, no matter which side prevails
No matter which country has the victory
It is O so plain to see, nobody wins.
It's just a matter of time before
we will go to war again for the same reaons
for the preservation of our nations
But that trouble is that it doesn't work
It doesn't save the lives of thousands
Many thousands of friends and neighbors die  

I'm not saying anything about
the brave men and woman 
who stand the line against violence
I honor their sacrifices, many of them 
die for us.
What I am saying is it's time
to find a better way  to live in peace
without fear of our enemies.
In the end, you see, nobody wins.