Tuesday, June 21, 2011


In the race of our obsessions seeking money, sex, and possessions
There is little time for wisdom or finding the right questions
Moments of temporary satisfaction flow from all the action
Succumbing to attractions and following all of the new fashions
We are hungry and always empty even though some things are filling

In a marginal moment of reflection we may bump into wisdom
And finally ask the questions WHO AM I? WHAT DO I WANT TO BE?
Even though our world has blinded us wisdom helps us see
Beyond big deals and one night stands, beyond sex without love
And money without meaning, except to BUY BUY BUY AND BUY MORE.

Wisdom's path is at a slower pace, not a competitive race
Wisdom is our humanity with an honest human face
Wisdom is the heart of everything real love means
Wisdom is the act of once again becoming human beings
We learn to care about others and how to be sisters and brothers

We learn to find life's greatest joy in living for others
When we freely give to others we finally find true treasure
We discontinue being the living dead and find our heats again
We live in relationships that are really real
We connect with others and our emotions are much more real

Every day we must decide whether we are living or dead inside.
Accept no imitations, being truly alive has no limitations.
Set yourself free to be, and to live your destiny
You don't have to follow the herd and strive to fit in.
You are free to be you, you are free to live and choose again.