Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Found Myself

I found myself in pieces spread over the years of my life

A piece here,  pieces there; there were pieces of me everywhere

It was like a jig saw puzzle with no picture on the top of the box

It was like a nursery rhyme and I was  Humpty Dumpty

I fell down and kept following as if I would never find the ground

Hard as I tried; I couldn't put back together the pieces of me again 

Of course their were memorable moments, events on a timeline

But so much happened between them, even though details were small

I discovered that the smallest pieces were actually the largest of all

Not memorable moments, yet they had more meaning and insight

I discovered that the smallest pieces were the keys for understanding me

The smallest pieces were forgotten for so many good reasons, on purpose

Tears flowed like rain from clouds that floated through my brain

Anger raged like high burning flames, once quiet embers and tamed

Random thoughts and images used my voice to shout and scream

Alas I discover that putting pieces together was a nightmare dream

But calm came after sitting beneath a tree in quiet meditation

Alone in silence, moments  of acceptance, I began becoming me.

 I discovered I was human, imperfect, a human being with many flaws

I began to read the lessons written after failures on the tablet of my heart

The ink in my fountain pen flowed, like crimson water inside my veins

No longer a captive of confusion, reason dealt with emotion, set me free

Gradually the pieces gave me the whole picture, a new image of me

I found myself, my soul and my flesh, and all of everything that was me 


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