Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Wooden Man 


 The wooden man has no opinion

 He tells everyone what they want to hear

The wooden man just wants to be accepted
He doesn't want to offend anyone
He just wants a life that is free from conflict
The wooden man doesn't know who he is
But he know where everyone else stands
He's an expert on what others think and feel

The wooden man only has trouble
When he is with people with different opinions
When that happens he says, "I really don't know." 
Or he asks diplomatically; wanting to please everyone, "What do you think?"

The wooden man is a people pleaser
Tries to make everyone feel he is just like them.
But he fits perfectly in groups which dress alike and think alike.
He never rocks the boat with new ideas.
He learns to reject others that are different
than those in his group.
He is a skilled  YESMAN  so most people like him because he never disagrees.
He lives his life to PLEASE

When the wooden man dies
His body will be put in a wooden coffin
And his eulogy will affirm
"He is just like everyone, he is the same."

Yet I wonder is there is a little bit
Of the wooden man in all of us.

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