Saturday, October 27, 2012


I'd Rather Be Green

I'd rather be green

Because green is a color

that defies all the categories

because being green makes me unique

I even tattooed my green head with gold

My long mouth has so many teeth

and that makes it easy to eat a hamburger

You know the really big one, weighs 1 pound

I am a very colorful beast and I like green

Of course some people are against green

So we have green beasts parades 

People see us walk by them and wave

but some hurl nasty words at us 

It's not just about being completely green

You see we have chosen a green life style

You see green life styles are forbidden 

Some have tried to attack us in large numbers

But we just eat them with are many teeth then

But since we do that in self defense 

The police don't come and arrest us

We are really not different that others

We have soul mates, sisters and brothers

We have mothers and fathers, and our children

and yes, we work in every profession 

So I being green I pause to think and ponder

Why don't others accept us for who we are

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