Sunday, October 21, 2012

You Are A Star

You are a star on a stage called life
Each and every one of us was born to shine
You are a star and you have all it takes
Every day you are on the stage called life.

If you think you don't really matter 
Please refer to the opinion of your creator
The heavenly verdict affirms you are a star
You were born to shine O so very bright

You may not see the value of what you do
You may not know how important you are
You may not see you as a bright and shinning star
But the truth is you shine and you are a star

There are O so many lives that you touch with your heart
There are so many ways you shine for others
You are kind and caring, and loving; you shine
The lives that you touch daily, see your bright light

You see, it is the little things that make a big difference
Those little things you do are noticed 
Everyone of them show all of us 
You are a star and yes, you shine O so bright

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