Monday, November 26, 2012

Sewing Wild Oats

Every locker room has it's share of boys
who see young women as boy toys.
They love to brag about how they seduced
an innocent young girl and stole her virginity,
For them stealing a young woman's innocence
is no big deal, just another trophy for them.

But the young woman who is dumped
fells O so much pain and she's very angry.
The truth is that the boy in the lockeroom
may very well have ruined her life that night.
She thought he loved her, was so sure of that.
She didn't know that he was a liar and a player.

As for her, she's home crying and feeling pain.
As for him, it's no more than sewing wild oats.
You see he doesn't care about the girls he uses
and her feelings and heartbreak don't mean anything.
As for him, all of the girls are his play things.
just his sexual toys there to gratify his urges.

Believe it or not those girls are scared forever. 
Yet the young men never NO ever feel
any responsibility for what they have done. 
But one day, O yes one day those boys
will have daughters of their very own.
Some other boy will want to sew his wild oats
And He'll Worry About His Daughter!!!

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