Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Kiss

Just looking at this picture
may make you wonder
with words like this
"What is this?"
"Where's the Kiss?"
But allowing your imagination
to get into this situation
you may find the kiss.
You, see the colors represent
the O so many feelings
that you had that day
when you experienced
your very first kiss.
You see nothing can replace
the first time that your lips
touched her's or his
and you probably
didn't kiss O so long
but it's doubtful it was quick
but it's the answer
that you were looking for.
"Is this really true love?"
One kiss says it all,
one kiss when lips met.
The question is,
"Did you two kiss again
later or so soon after?"
"Did that one kiss
begin your new future?"
I wonder and remember
my very first kiss.    

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