Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is Hell Real?

Evil and good are two very real powers.
We can't control either of them, but 
they can control us.
Some ask if free will is actually 
choosing good or evil.
Once we choose one of them
we are under their power
and what we are is what we choose.
What we choose has control
over us.

The Greek philosopher Plato
wondered how evil
could come into this world.
How could their be evil
if good created the world?
Why do we begin life
as innocents and later fall?
Isn't evil a cancer
that devours us?

Some say that each of us
creates his or her own
personal hell.
It is very hard to accept
that there is an awful place
of eternal torture and pain.
But if we choose evil
why is it hard to believe
that we will reap what we sow
and then die and go to hell..

When the evil that we chose   
has almost completely devoured us
do we see what our choice has done
to us and the obvious consequences?
We can't really love anymore
because whether or we know it
we are the servants of evil
and evil rejects true love
sees love as an abomination.   

But there is one other thing.
We can choose the good
and no longer choose evil.
Only then will we be truly free
and be able to love 
with the love that's real.
Only then will we begin to heal
and eventually get well.

So it is plain to see.
We become what we
and we have that choice.
So choose wisely.    

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