Thursday, November 8, 2012

Go Fly a Kite

So many wonderful kites
So many kinds and shapes
So many delicious colors 
So I love windy days
and I take the whole family
and we go fly our kites

The strong wind catches
all of our kites.
The strong wind lifts them
O so high
and we watch them soar
with so much delight

Each kite has it's own
kind of personality
and the wind tugs hard
to set each of our kites free.
So of course we hold on tight  
So we won't lose our kites

But it is almost magic
when the wind tugs so hard
 pulls on our kites' strings  
with all of its strength
and O too soon
our kites break free

Our kites dance in freedom
across the big blue sky
O and then it's time
to say goodbye
to our kites. 

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