Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mega Hertz Man

He is a computer man
wherever he goes.
His laptop computer
is always with him
though he uses his computer tower
when he gets home
because its so much faster
than his laptop.

He takes his laptop everywhere
he even takes it to the bar
and even there he's on his computer.
You see he connects with everyone 
electronically and never in person
maybe that's because he's a shy man. 

Like his computers
he continues to work faster and faster
because like his computer processor
he strives to be working 
at the fastest speed possible
no time to relax and slow down.

He's a mega hertz computer man
and he processes O so much data
and he keeps storing it so he can use it.
Well that's his life and he enjoys it
because it has become his form or reality
he likes his Internet world and that's all.



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