Sunday, November 4, 2012

Alex the Alien

Alex the alien
worried about humans
because humans had lost,
magic, mysteries and miracles.
Humans had become scientific
and they had answers
and they had explanations
for almost everything.
But what bothered Alex the most
was that humans explained love
so very scientifically they
broke love done to chemicals
hormones, and YES DNA.
For the human
love began a primal instinct
to insure that there would be sex 
and insure that future
of the human race, with lots of children.
"Where is the romance in that?"
Alex asked himself.
"Where are the walks
beneath the stars and the moon?"
"Where is the passion,
with two hearts beating so fast?"
"O I remember when we,
who are aliens lost all of that."
"Ah but finally, I see two humans,
walking had in hand,
and see something that science
will never explain."
"O how I miss having feelings,
with magic, mysteries and miracles."        

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