Thursday, November 15, 2012


Getting Through

The Holiday Season

Some people never believed in Santa Claus.
There were busy dealing with pain and heartbreak.
As for me, I have compassion for all of them.
Many people are filled with holiday blues.

They have memories from the past that arrive
and fill them with anger, pain, and sadness.
Loved ones have died, and others have hurt them.
The question is, "Will they let go and forgive>"

The question is, "Will they allow anger to dwell
in side of them and give them a negative attitude?"
The question is, "Will they let all of that anger
well up and boil inside of them?"

The answer is, "We don't have to live in the past."
The answer is, "We can let go of bad memories."
The answer is, "We can draw on our inner strength."
The answer is, "We can be free of anger and misery."


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