Saturday, November 24, 2012


Skyscrapers keep growing taller
Maybe it's because there is more sky
and such a big shortage of land
Though it could be a way of saying
I am going up in our world.
But I wonder what that means
and what it's UP is UP to.
Does it really matter how high we are,
how far we have climbed the ladder
that so many call succcess.

I wonder what ladders
and higher and higher skyscrapers
have to do with the true meaning
of who and what we are 
and our value as human beings.
I wonder how we value
down to earth people
who are not stressing to have success
who do not value being wealthy
and don't need more and more things.

I wonder if our altitude
on skyscrapers
can determine who we really are.
I wonder if helping and caring about people
isn't just as good or even better.
It seems to me that people who value
all and everyone of us are the best of all.
I don't think it's because they are afraid
of heights, but they don't look down
on anyone.

Though I like the high shiny skyscapers
as for me, I'd rather climb trees. 
They are not as tall as skyscrapers
but they are high enough for me
and YES I like the view
from the top of a tree.    

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