Friday, April 15, 2011


Some days we're plugged into a media that moves faster and faster
Marshal McCluhan wrote in the sixties that the medium is the massage
Speeding from moment to moment in limited space titillating our senses
Overwhelmed by O so much information that that quadruples so quickly
At some point our minds and our emotions give in to a Quantitative chaos
Once masters of images and words and contents /we give in to the medium

The medium is seductive/ an ever present rush and high/ ever so exciting
Reluctant at first/ wanting to embrace the medium's marvelous massage
I finally woke up knowing what I also knew/ an Internet train wreck was waiting
I decided that I needed/ to make a conclusion/ and end the intrusion
I chose to end the confusion/ like ordering a smaller plate/ fewer bytes
I did something physically/ I unplugged the medium/ and took back my life

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