Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peace Like A River

Peace Like a River
A quiet place/ gently flowing water/ a refuge from life's storms
I shed the ashes/ of a molten day/ and calmly
cleanse my soul
A pine tree/ green/ sweet pure scent/ a still place to rest
No phones ringing on and on so endlessly/ no dirge of voices
Not one question in an emergency/ demanding me/ to make choices
Freedom of being/ new life flowing/ and peace embraces me

Cell phone/ left in the car/ work clothes traded for a t-shirt and jeans
Mind emptied of civilization/ and foolish things/ embraces new dreams
No need here to define things/ no artificial realities/ just a gentle breeze
A doe and her fawn stop and look at me/ river fish rise playfully
Here no need for books to read/ or pens to write/ nature speaks to my heart
Here the pure breath of life/ untarnished by humans/ gently fills my lungs

Moment painted gently/ on the canvas of my mind/ O so effortlessly
Beautifully embraced/ by new steps/ on my path/ a healing journey
No expectations/ no list of my wants and my needs/ sweet serenity
Here time has no place/ no schedules and priorities/ here/ just me
Patiently without concern/ wisdom enters my living soul/ a natural renewal
These moments will be kept in memories/ become a peaceful refuge in my mind

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