Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something Inside

Something Inside

Some days are truly inside out
Our skin is painted with our emotions
It may be an inconvenient place to show our feelings
No matter how hard we try to hide them/ they show
People can see them/ O so clearly/ and there's nothing we can do
We are caught in vulnerability/ and everything is absolutely revealed

We hear the phrases/ you look/ you feel/ you are
We simply can not argue with others point of view
No matter what we say/ no matter if try to explain/ we know they are right
Well then/ why do we have to cover up/ who and where we are/ at that time
Why can't we just be ourselves/ I mean after all/ aren't we ourselves
Is it just for others/ to judge us in these moments

You have heard the phrase/ "When pigs fly!"
Well? on days like this/ they really do
It doesn't do any good/ to take off our ties and mope
Or to ask others to bring us a rope so we can hang ourselves
Nope/ on these days/ we are simply/ and plainly/ inside out
On these days/ our insides/ paint our outsides/ with emotions from within.

1 comment:

Grace Sass said...

Very true...some days are easy...you can hide your pain...other days...you feel you have had enough...you just want to be left alone to cry...with good friends...you can get through the day.