Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Old House

This Old House

This Old house was torn down after selling for a lot of money
It's window eyes and wooden body broken and torn
Like the years of pain and suffering that it held for his mom and her son Billy
Caterpillars/ large John Deere bulldozers/ turned it into rubble
Making room for a brand new house/ after destroying flower gardens
After destroying their bedrooms/ their kitchen/ their living room

A long rectangular deck/ where Billy sat and smoked many pipes
High about the ground/ where they sat and battled/ with his wounded heart
Their memories gathered together/ nightmares/ and waking terrors
The very place where Step Dad strangled a mother's heart/ and spirit
A murderous daily assault of ugly domineering words sucking out the life in her
When Billy fought back/ fought for her life/ his mother cried/ claiming he hurt her

This old house is gone forever and forever/ Step Dad and Billy's mother dead and buried
Why does he still store those memories and all of that pain
Does Billy have to destroy this old house AGAIN AND AGAIN/ AND YES AGAIN
This old house/ a house of pain/ a house of no longer standing. and no longer seen
It was here that his mother's spirit was murdered by Step Dad/ her very self destroyed
And she had nothing left of the bright/ creative loving lady that came to live there

Four members of the family/ Step Dads three and the other sister Suzy each got lots of money
Leaving nothing for his sister Sarah Lee and Billy and his mom lost her forever
Highway robbery engineered by my stepbrother Adolph a greedy thief/ the others silent
Yes/ and none of the four/ would allow his stepfather to change the will/ too much to lose
Cold cash and more wealth/ justified/ once again his mother was a victim/ tortured/ afraid
The prize of each of the four's greed/ his mothers tears and sorrow/ in the last of her days

This old house/ and finally he forgave the greedy four/ the materialistic money whores
This old house/ and finally he forgave/ his step dad/ for ruining his mom's life
This old house/ and finally he forgave/ his step dad/ for shredding his self esteem
This old house/ and he loved them them/ even when they were lying and scheming
This old house in his long nights of nightmares constantly dreaming so painfully
This old house/ this old family/ was never what it should be/ even until it's ending

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Colleen Foshee said...

Wow - that's a beautiful heart that will forgive such wrong. Makes the floor in old house new again. A firm foundation.