Saturday, April 9, 2011

Playful Imaginary Friends

Playful Imaginary Friends

Come on lazy bones get up and out of bed
Feeling the sting of endless rejection
He wanted to sleep all day long and longer
No/ none of the kids will ever play with me
Ah/ we are here/ playful/ imaginary friends

An adventure began with back yard games
Silver suited knights to rescue damsels
High flying dragons with fiery hot flames
A broom stick his horse with a white mane
Charging with wooden sword again and again

A curley headed girl in a t-shirt and jeans
Watched from a distance with admiration
Thinking thoughtfully/ my knight in shining armor
But so unlike the other three she wasn't imaginary
She was real/ a damsel with rosy red girl cheeks.

He caught her out of the corner of his left eye
He had never met such a maiden/ so real and alive
Hey/ he said/ would you like to meet/ my imaginary friends
Yes/ said she/ I see every one of them/ I am also their friend
Wait now/ he said/ how can that be/ each and every one/ belongs to me

They belong to a world created by children/ and they live there with others
You opened the door with your imagination/ and I was already there
I have friends there,too, and they long to meet all four of you/ playful. too
Okay/ then tell me/ have you ever rode a dragon/ silver scale in sky
O course I have/ they taught me to fly/ and I gave them all names

But you say that they are real/ our imaginary friends/ do you think I'm crazy
Don't know about that/ but this morning you were lazy/ and so I sent them
You mean that you got me out of bed/ sleeping off the sting of rejection
Well I mean/ one true friend/ is worth far more/ than that herd of idiots
You mean that I am intelligent/ isn't thank a dumb thing to say about me

Well/ I could say I love you/ here we are and sixteen/ playing games again
I guess I look kind of silly riding my mothers best broom/ and charging around
My daddy has horses/ and collect old suits of armor and the swords are so sharp
Today/ after watching you/ my Knight in Armor/ for O so many days/ I decided
What did you decide today/ do you want me to charge and rescue you

Look at me closely/ I am not a little girl/ I have firm full breasts/ I am a real women
I have long Raven black hair/ and luscious red lips/ and I am stealing a kiss
O dear me/ dear me/ he said/ that was really real/ something is happening to me
Yes/ and I will kiss you again and many times more/ get ready for so much more
O dear me/ O dear me/ what's to become of me/ what more will you do to me

I will make a man of you/ in every way a woman can do/ my Knight shining bright
I will take you to new places every day/ none of them/ are imaginary in any way
Where are my imaginary friends/ I can't see any of them/ none of them anymore
O dear me/ O dear dear me/ O what is happening to me/I am only sixteen
All you are/ and all you can be/ now is desiring me/ I'll lead you gently/ don't worry

I didn't tell you/ she was the most beautiful in the Our Town High School
Every young woman and young man/ in the whole herd/ would be his friend
But he and she rejected them/ that stung them often and again and again
I didn't tell you that she and he/ were voted the king and queen at every prom
Now what love led them to/ is a never mind/ yet O so full of passion and delight

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