Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet Solitude Sam

Sweet Solitude Sam
He's not afraid of silence
He's never prone to violence
When he is in need of wisdom
Sweet Sam empties himself
Sits in the solitude of silence
Waits patiently for wisdom

I assure you the wisdom comes
His heart and mind make room for God
Nothing else enters his mind or heart
No other desire/ need/ or passion
Never/ no not ever in any form or fashion
Nothing/ no not anything/ is a distraction

It is oddly true/ this is something
Many and most others never do
They are O so busy/ don't have time
Awed by their importance/ endless projects
Own all of their attention/ every moment
Not knowing what's missing/ O so blind

I often wonder what directs them
What unseen motives affect men
Keep them from their wives and children
Break all of their promises freely given
What old age finally gets/ only many regrets
Piles and heaps/ of might have beens/ lie behind those men

God bless Solitude Sam
We need more like him
We Need God's Wisdom

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