Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sea Bird

Sea Bird

His life was a stormy sea/ a difficult journey
Strong dark gray winds/ always his enemy
Yes the wind has many colors/ gray meant death
But he at the wheel/ with his Sea Bird sail
A survivor of the terror/ of high green pounding waves

A skilled sailor in yellow slickers/ and unyielding
Soggy wet mustache/ beard/ and hair/ all very gray
Bent briar smoking pipe/ clenched burning bright
A dogged determination/ engaged in an awful fight
Stubbornly and steadily/ refusing to give up his life

The wind howled so loud and louder/ like a spoiled child
The wind commanded him to give up/ and to bow down
His heart like his briar pipe warm/ and refusing to go out
The bow of his little ship pounding against waves/ and very brave
Again and again rising up so very high/ with a thunderous cry

Then his hope born again in morning/ filled with blue sky
The gray ghost of the wind so angry/ finally gave in to sunlight
Poseidon the king of the sea had watched the man's bravery
Finally he found the gray death winds and silenced them
Both with briar pipes the two good friends/smoked together again

1 comment:

Grace Sass said...

Well done...fight those grey clouds...don't give up!