Friday, April 15, 2011

Inner Child Park

Inner Child Park
My art/ that accompanies my poetry/ is like a window/ It shows what is inside/ my poems
Some feel that adults playfully enjoying/ moments from their childhood/ are very immature
Scientific data has discovered and determined that that kind of play helps to solve real problems
While that's all good/ enough to affirm and give permission/ to those who need that sort of thing
While we move through developmental stages/ and give away our toys to our children ad Grandchildren
Each and every one of us still has an inner child within us/ and our inner child really loves to play

For our information/ they still sell marbles/ dolls/ plastic soldiers/ Knights and dragons and other stuff
They still build play grounds with swings and tall slides/ and the big round thing that goes around fast
They still have soccer fields, baseball diamonds/ sandy beaches with sea shells and tiny crabs
They make a wide variety of kites in an uncountable number of sizes shapes and colors
They still have plastic model kits of cars/ trucks/ sailing ships/ jets/ tanks/ knights/ horses/ and dragons.
They still make finger paints/ color crayons/ colored pens/ and thousands of craft projects.

Why the lists/ why so many things/ and places/ and still more and more and yes so much more
None of them are plugged in to an electronic medium but each/ every/ and all of them lots of fun
What do they do for us/ they activate or imaginations/ while growing our skills and patience
They are not money making projects/ they have no stressful deadlines/ no pushy get it done bosses
They day are after day things we can do to unwind and relax us/ and joy in the doing/ always present
Each of us may have a different kind of inner park place/ ours to choose/ and enjoy every day

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