Monday, April 11, 2011

Two Beautys

Two Beautys

Just imagine one day we will be visiting different worlds
Let's call the new people we will meet Beautys
Yes I know how to spell Beauties
But Beautys gives us a new perspective on Beauty
Hopefully it makes you stop and ask important questions.
What is beauty/ is it just what you prefer to look at

The Beautys are going to look at us and what will they see
What will be their perspective of you and us and everything
Will they look at us long enough and deep enough
Will they see into our hearts and feelings and thoughts
Will we be scary/ will we be ugly/ what they prefer not to see
They may see hearts and thoughts and feelings in beautiful colors

They may feel that seeing beings on the outside is a primitive process
In fact they may see our vision as distasteful and very disgraceful
They may reason that what is on the outside of beings is not real
That what is truly beautiful about beings is found on the inside
That what we are is not on the outside/ just a mask to hide behind
True beauty for them maybe/ thoughts/ words/ actions and feelings

Beautys may find what is beautiful in memories/ diaries/ and in our dreams
Beauty's may want to listen to our stories/ our poetry/ our music and our singing
Beautys may want to hear about how we treat others/ and what our love means
Beautys may want to know if we are angry or violent or walk together in peace
Beautys may want to know if we share everything/ or some have more and others less
Beautys may want to know if we help others/ or just don't care/ just aren't concerned

Beautys may want to know why we kill others/ why millions have died in wars
Beauty's may see that we let many starve/ many be homeless/ and not help the helpless
Beautys may not understand why we desire to have more or most of the wealth
Beauty's may not understand why some are rich and so very many of us are poor
Beautys may see the violence in our homes/ in our schools and in our streets
Beauty's may discover that we aren't able to love each other and live in peace

What will Beautys decide about all of us when some of us come and visit them
What if all that we are in every way is O so very very different than how they live
What if Beautys confront our weapons of mass destruction and are weapons for war
What if Beautys can't understand why we spend so much so that we can kill each other
What if wonder why our military has to me are number one priority to keep us safe
What if Beautys believe that the answers is to take care of every persons needs

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