Saturday, April 9, 2011

Found and Lost

Found and Lost

I found my self and lost my soul
Death metal music death is cold
I am the damn break every rule boy
I am the punk rocky patriot of darkness
I am the most unreachable and unteachable

I am the anarchist against every uniting force
I am the devils messenger riding a black horse
I am the fallen angel of evil willing to kill you
I am the anger born in sexual and physical abuse
I am the wicked designer of revenge I'll take on you

I am the boy you dread and fear
I am going out with your innocent dear
I know every way to stain her and spoil her
Her yes says she wants me/ and she will hate you
Fear me/ I will teach her anger/ and addict her to drugs

Aren't you proud that you created me
A monster of antiquity/ smiling while sinning
I am the very end of all of your hopeful beginnings
Don't ever/ never label me/ you raped and beat me
I am your devil child/ but don't forget/ you created me

I didn't last long/ everything of me cut quickly and short
Depression took me/ shook me so hard/ and so deadly
Depression got a hold on me/ played with my emotions darkly
Finally death was the only image that my hollow eyes could see
Red ripe blood flowing from my wrists/ until the last drop left


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