Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rose Colored Glasses

Rose Colored Glasses

I have a PhD and a six figure salary
I belong to the RICH party
It's not my fault that so many are hungry/ homeless/ and poor
It has been proven/ that any one/ can be rich
We are the land of opportunity and the American DREAM

I say/ don't have children/ if you can't afford them
I say/ get off the dole/ and start working for a living
I say/ be healthy/ and don't ask for free insurance
I say/ learn to live/ with what you make/ and be grateful
What you have and get in this world is up to you

You say/ I am greedy and I don't care
You say/ the rich have 95 percent of the wealth
You say/ the everyone deserves a college education
You say/ America should help the old/ the poor/ and helpless
You insist that all of the rich/ should pay higher taxes

My world is wonderful/ I have all that I want and need
There is a point to being rich/ I have a lot more than you
I mean/ isn't it plain to see/ your poverty/ means more for me
I am a powerful player and I like things the way they are
Is it my fault that you are dumb enough to vote with me

You know/ I love what has happened to democracy
I am so damn clever/ and you are too blind to see
If you voted for your interests/ it would be the end of me
I would be FORCED to SHARE what our country has given me
Okay/ I would still have a lot/ and your life would be better

Look/ I don't want even a little less/ you see I need more
I live in a beautiful world wearing rose colored glasses
I am the end product of the great AMERICAN DREAM
I am the man that none of you will ever, never be
I say/ God bless America/ and O yes/ keep blessing me

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