Monday, December 17, 2012


What's His Name

It's hard to see his face, but it's there.
He tries to lead us into darkness, and
to influence us to make bad things happen.
His latest attempt was to use a man
to kill men, women and children in
a school and fill our hearts with darkness.

It's hard to be loving and forgiving 
after such a bad thing has happned.
But if we refuse to love and forgive
we will all be living in darkness.
Love is the greatest power in the world
and forgiveness added to it brings light
and healing that will sweep away the darkness.

I refuse to give in to What's His Name.
I refuse to live in darkness that he causes.
I will never stop loving and forgiving others
no matter how bad or how evil 
they have been. I won't let What's His Name
win and take away all of the light in my heart. 
I WILL Love and Forgive and ley my light shine.   

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