Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Butt Heads

I have no quarrel with smoking tobacco because I smoke a pipe.  But I know that smoking causes cancer and that's a painful way to die. 
So I wonder about my choice and I never want others to be near my smoke. Why do we choose the things we do?
I know that smoking damages my heart and lungs and actually tobacco is poisonous. 
I say that smoking my pipe is relaxing and I enjoy it, but I am not sure that I want to die before my time.
Since pipe smoking is not addictive I can go with out it. But the ritual of smoking my pipe seems to be a part of me.
When I was young and feeling like I could never die, I smoked cigarettes. My friends and I saw it as a part of being an adult. But it did seem to make my clothes stink, and yet I didn't seem to mind that.
Still I believe that the government should let us choose even if what we choose isn't good for us or healthy.
It seems to me that a part of being free is making our own choices, even if they kill us.
At least we should be honest with ourselves about the consequences. I freely admit that though I still smoke my pipes and enjoy them, I am one of the Butt Heads. Yes I know I am. O why do I choose to smoke, when that is a path of death. I wish I had a better answer for what I choose to do.  

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