Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Elephant and the Mouse

There is an old myth that says elephants
and mice can never be friends, because the
elephant is afraid of the mouse, and fear 
stands is the way of their relationship.
But that is really a parable about human
beings and how they reject and even hate
things that they are afraid of.

But there are so many kinds of fears
we may be afraid that we will become
like the same people we are afraid of.
So we don't believe we can live 
in peace with what we are afraid of
and sometimes that leads to war
or fights, or labels or name calling.

But my painting shows what I believe.
We can all live in peace if we let go
of all of our fears.
We can even learn to love and accept
each other and celebrate our differences.
As for me, I choose peace and I refuse
to live in fear.        

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