Monday, December 17, 2012


Lord Jesus

We Praise Your Name

Some days I wonder if it is a secret to many.
When we praise God and Jesus Christ
amazing things happen in our lives.
Some people call them miracles
and some are in awe and wonder
but something does happen when we 
praise God and Jesus Christ.
The great power of all 
works for our good and things change
and get O so much better.
You see when we praise them we connect
with God and Jesus Christ
and yes everything gets better after that,

I was asked how it works and what must
be done to change a life with God's help.
That person wanted prove before
he chose to give his life to Jesus Christ,
But I said, "Give your life to him, because
only then will your questions be answered."
I was surprised when he asked me to pray
with him. But I met him again
two years later for lunch and YES
he was still praising God.

You may want to try that for your self,
and see that what I am telling you
is true, every word of it.
But it's all up to you and
I do wish you well.       

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