Monday, December 17, 2012

Dottie the Clown

Dottie the clown turned frowns
into smiles, and laughter and giggles.
Her facial was so many bright colors
in O so many different patterns.
She was down right silly
and she knew how to trip and fall
O so ungracefully with 
foolish folly
that delighted all as she did fall.

Her antics kept everyone in stitches
with laughter that was so contagious
and our bellies rumbled and shook
as more and more laughter
poured out.
Everything she did made us happy
and we stood up and applauded
Dottie the circus  clown  
who knew how to fall down
and wipe off our frowns
with laughter and smiles.

But we only saw the outside
of Dottie the clown
never noticed the pain
inside of her and
how sad she was.
Yes Dottie made us all happy
but on the inside she was so sad.
And the truth was that Dottie
the clown hardly ever laughed
actually never laughed at all.

Bare face and in civilian clothes
with out her grease paint and
red nose, all of her sadness showed
and a passer by told her that she
should go to the circus and see
Dottie the clown.
"O Dottie the clown will bring
down the house with laughter
that is O so Contagioud and
you just must go and see her.

But Dottie said nothing
to the passer by.
Tears of sadness filled
Dottie the clown's eyes
and YES Dottie would cry
all through the night. 


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